Replied to The Main Squeeze by Jacob (Just Good Music)Jacob (Just Good Music)

One of the bands I am happy to have recently discovered is The Main Squeeze – a funk and rock band, based in the US…

You helped me discover another great band in the past (Snarky Puppy) and now you’ve done it again sir. The Main Squeeze’s cover of A Whiter Shade of Pile is superb. (You might like the cover of the same song that Annie Lennox did.) I also listened to a few other songs – I love Corey Frye’s voice and attitude. I’ll Take Another reminds me a little of the band Living Color. Thanks for sharing.

Replied to Einaudi and Me by simon simon (Just Good Music)

…it can be important for me to find a common thread, an underlying ever-present source of calm and inspiration.

After listening to just one song, I have to agree Einaudi’s music is calming and inspiring. (edited)