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  1. @canion Having been doing the daily pointers thing since 2000, through times when they’re were several search engines just for blogs, I’ve always felt human curation is what makes the big difference in providing something of value for like-minded web surfers. I like to think I spend the time sifting through noise (whether it comes from search results, RSS feeds, Pinboard, or any other source) so you don’t have to (unless of course, your tastes and preferences are different than mine). If you’re looking for any or all those other types of sites I mentioned in why i link, search engines are fine and you are your own curator. I do what I do for the relatively small number of people out there who share my tastes and preferences. I never encountered a search engine that let you search for personal blogs free of annoyances like popups, promotional page overlays, and overtly commercial content (or tone). It takes human curation to sift those things out. It’s very subjective, I know.

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